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Tue 11th

A Growing Demand for a Truly Personal Funeral Order of Service

My mum died nearly nine years ago, and at that time the world itself was a very different place. Social media was in its early stages and technology wasn’t as readily available at our fingertips as it is now. I had little understanding about what options were available in terms of funeral planning and the resources available to make it a truly special occasion.

We didn’t wear black for mum’s funeral and at the time that felt pretty radical. But now, the way in which many people are approaching funeral planning is far more progressive – green burials, non religious ceremonies, contemporary music, bespoke coffins and online broadcasts of the service.

The focus now is about celebrating life. There have been a number of trends in funeral planning that I have noticed and that as a company Love in Print has responded to. Most significantly, is the growing demand for a truly personal celebration, to capture your loved ones personality, not only through the music, flowers and hymns, but also in the one thing that brings it all together – the Funeral Order of Service.

Another important trend is the increasing demand for information on the web. The internet is where everyone turns for help and advice and additional resources to support funeral planning is no different.

These changes in the funeral market have allowed Love in Print to provide a service that is completely unique to the person that has passed away, is accessible entirely through the internet via an easy online ordering system, and offers a 24 hour turnaround when time is often of the essence. And should the customer need a friendly chat and support through this process, we can do that too. A family run company with over 20 years experience in the funeral industry, we know what it takes to deal with clients at a very stressful time.

We appreciate that although we are living in a fast paced, technology-driven world, customers still need to be able to make contact with us. Creating a truly bespoke funeral order of service can not always be communicated electronically but a conversation can lead to the creation of something really special.

Some clients like to use a treasured photograph with a design that perfectly reflects their character, while others have written their own poems and included sayings that they were renowned for. By doing this you are not only creating something that can be shared on the day of the funeral, but kept as a keepsake for friends and family for years to come.

We have found that over the years the feedback from our clients has been really amazing. Not only are they really appreciative of the refreshing designs and  simplicity of the process, but have also told us that it really helps them as part of the grieving process. Being able to communicate their loved one’s personality through the artwork and ultimately the finished article provides them with great comfort.

Love in Print didn’t exist when my mum died, so I have no record of the service where we said our final goodbyes. But at least I know that with our service, I’m instead helping other families give their relatives the very best send-off.

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